REHEARSAL SCRIPT #1: The Princesses Explain Their Visions (With Musical Number “Together”)


The Princesses Explain Their Visions




AQUALINE:      ‘Tis truly a wonder, this girl I see. So clear she is, like I’m staring into a pool of still water, as if I am looking at myself. But mine eyes behold…. such strange and different hair….


ALLISON:           It’s really bizarre, I have to admit. It’s like my twin took a ride in the hot tub time machine and got stranded in the Renaissance. Don’t get me wrong – she’s done a good job back there. She’s probably only thirteen like me and yet they call her Princess Aqualine the Wise.


AQUALINE:      And this young girl that I see as if looking through the grandest and most perfect mirror glass abides in the strangest world and I fear hath the strangest clothing….


ALLISON:           Our lives connect when I sleep. Her Renaissance world invades my dreams. Her ideas become mine.


AQUALINE:      And I awake with the grandest of inspirations. Wouldst thou believe amidst such wondrous differences, lo, come truly amazing and useful ideas that have influenced my kingdom and made me a beloved princess here?


ALLISON:           Every day Princess Aqualine writes a letter – a proclamation – to her loyal subjects in LaPoste, France that inspires them…educates them…. entertains them, and every day they gather in the town square to wait for it to be posted.  When I saw her doing this, and then I looked at my super computer here, I thought, I should do that too.  At least I ought to be able to inspire my middle school classmates.


AQUALINE:       Her realm, too, is LaPoste, but in a foreign country titled Wis – con – sin. Her face reflects as if in a mirror from a colossal box!


ALLISON:           It is because I see her…


AQUALINE:      It is because she is in my head…


ALLISON:            It is because she is in my head…


AQUALINE:      That I know being a Princess isn’t about privilege, it’s about responsibility.


ALLISON:           And I can be of help.


AQUALINE:      And I can rule.


ALLISON:           And we can rule.