A Story of Magical Inspiration

Defying logic, but not magic, Renaissance Princess Aqualine the Wise and modern-day Princess Allison the Benevolent communicate through their dreams. Aqualine inks proclamations and Allison holds webcasts, inspiring their loyal subjects and solving problems through ideas and influence gained from each other’s world. Together they will face their biggest problem, and solution, yet.


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As a former English teacher of 35 years, I recognize two things about this work. First, it is excellent writing. Second, teens need this book. There is a disconnect between teens and their parents all too often. Teens have to learn a better way somewhere! Your Princess will take them far especially if they act it out or see it produced. We need to get it into the hands of schools, churches and youth groups everywhere.

- Karen, CA

This lighthearted story is written in a unique way—as a novel, a play, and a musical. With a sprinkle of humor, the author cleverly twists past and present together. Allison lives in the modern day and wants to help her fellow classmates by giving advice through her webcast. Princess Aqualine lives in 1590 and seeks to improve the lives of her subjects through proclamations. At night the girls dream of each other and share wisdom across the centuries. Filled with fast-paced, snappy dialogue, Princess in My Head will leave the reader with the uplifting feeling that all problems can be solved if we are kind and work together.

-Amazon Reviewer

Half the book is a novel; the other half is a screenplay. Geared towards a middle school audience. Touches on problem solving and seeing past appearances to a deeper reality of someone's life. Cultivates humility and compassion. Well done!

- Lisa S.

This is a very great and fun story!