REHEARSAL SCRIPT #5: Princess Aqualine’s Soliloquy


Princess Aqualine’s Soliloquy




Aqualine is seated at her desk, inking another proclamation. Lady Bonifay braids her hair while she writes.


 (speaking as she writes)

My loyal subjects, welcome to today’s declaration. So strong a passion doth engulf me, and pray thou as well, for our kingdom’s scientists labor now. My Gators are their prize. But greater riches for our realm they see as that resin concoction will waterproof our roof tops and outdoor clothing to protect ourselves.  One noble scientist hath proclaimed that this rubber first comes from a plant that grows afar.  Our mixologists magically combine this wondrous substance to fashion into footwear or spread upon our roofs. Such wonderment!


Most excellent accomplishments, what? Think thee of all the sickness and disease to never plague our people. Think thee that rather dry and warm might be their fate? To know not of roofs that leak? To know not of musty and moldy clothing? The wee babes of my kingdom with no coughs that last for days and weeks wracking their little bodies until weak and feverish? I say this concoction may be our gift, our world to better. Pray, lend me your thoughts at my castle’s suggestion box. Adieux.


(to Bonifay)

Oh, Lady Bonifay, dost thou think I am daft putting people to such work to have my brightly colored footwear?