REHEARSAL SCRIPT #4: Allison’s Soliloquy


Allison’s Soliloquy




In a school library. Allison walks idly, grabbing books from the shelf, glancing at them then putting them back.



So, here I am in the library waiting for Sophia. If I were a loyal subject, what advice would I give myself? How should I act around someone who had once been a really close friend, and then grew up to be such a snob? Since I call myself the benevolent, I am probably stuck with acting that way. Do you know that I started my webcasts because of Sophia? I wanted to help kids deal with a Sophia in their lives, and I wanted to somehow influence them not to become like her.

I’d read a story about Princess Aqualine the Wise and how she issued daily proclamations that helped her kingdom. Back then life was so strict and people were so angry. Princess Aqualine led her loyal subjects into the Renaissance when music, art and happiness flourished. She was just my age when she started her messages to her kingdom.

So, I thought what if I did my own proclamations? Dad set up my computer, for  webcasts and then the magic started and I began hearing Princess Aqualine in my dreams.  I didn’t worry about Sophia after that. Until now, of course.


(Sophia enters)

Look, there she is. Can you believe it? She’s wearing flip flops? Who wears flip flops in Wisconsin during the Spring rainy season? But they do look pretty cool with her leggings and her yellow cashmere sweater really is pretty. My humble jeans and hoody pale in comparison.


(to Sophia) 

Where are your Gators?