REHEARSAL SCRIPT #3: The Cool Girl Approaches Bonita (With Musical Number “I Know This”)


The Cool Girl Approaches Bonita




SOPHIA:              Hey. Come ‘ere.


BONITA:              What? Who? Me?


SOPHIA:              Yes, you. You’re Lady Bonita, right?


BONITA:             Well, yeah. I didn’t know you knew.


SOPHIA:              Of course, I know. You’re Lady in Waiting to Princess Allison.


BONITA:             Princess Allison the Benevolent.


SOPHIA:              Sure. Whatever. Listen, I’m sorry about yesterday and that rope thing. We shouldn’t have laughed at you.


BONITA:             Then why did you?


SOPHIA:              Oh, I don’t know. Sometimes when there’s lots of people around, I just do things like that.


BONITA:             To get attention? It was pretty mean and I didn’t like it.


SOPHIA:              I’m sorry, okay? But now I just need to talk to you. I know some kids who listen to your webcasts. They like them.


BONITA:             Really? Kids that hang with you? That’s extreme!


SOPHIA:              Well, sort of.  I was just wondering how it all worked. How you pick your topics.


BONITA:             Well we…Princess Allison and I…want to inspire kids to be better citizens of our realm.


SOPHIA:              And where is your realm?


BONITA:             Well, basically it’s just here in LaPoste. And it’s just basically kids our age. Parents are well-meaning, but kids can inspire each other better sometimes. And that’s why Princess Allison the Benevolent gives guidance to make good decisions and act less selfishly.


SOPHIA:                  So how many kids listen?


BONITA:                 We had forty-eight last night. It was new record.  But our audience is bigger than that since not everyone can listen every night. So maybe double that?  Maybe triple?


SOPHIA:                  No, I think you’re wrong.


BONITA:                 If you’ll pardon the disagreement, Sophia. That’s what I say to Princess Allison, if all you want to do is make me feel bad again then I’m going to go…


SOPHIA:                  Oh, no! That’s not it Bonita! I’m sorry. What I mean is I think you have a lot more listeners. I’ve been asking around and everyone knows about you and Princess Allison and your webcasts and how much you like Gators and that kind of stuff.  I want to ask you something.


BONITA:                 Well, okay. What?


SOPHIA:                  Will you tell Princess Allison to meet me tomorrow in the library after lunch? I think, well, you know. Maybe I, uh, I might need her help.


(Sophia departs. Richie Harrell comes from out of the shadows.)


RICHIE:                    That was so cool!


BONITA:                 You were spying on us?


RICHIE:                   Yeah, well. I had on my cloak of invisibility and nobody saw. That was the bomb! Sophia likes you and Princess Allison.


BONITA:                 I know, er, I guess.  But it’s okay. I like it.


RICHIE:                   It’s awesome! But I always knew you guys were pretty cool.


BONITA:                 Really? You did?


(They exit, talking)




RICHIE:                   But you know you can’t trust Sophia.