REHEARSAL SCRIPT #2: Aqualine and Bonifay talk Research and Development (R&D) in 1590


Aqualine and Bonifay talk Research and Development (R&D) in 1590




AQUALINE:      I was just too excited, Lady Bonifay! What say you of my idea?


BONIFAY:           If you’ll pardon the dissent, Princess Aqualine, this idea is rather ambitious even for you.  And how should your loyal subjects obtain these Gators?


AQUALINE:      I believe that I should offer a reward to whomever in the kingdom can develop the formula. There is little to go on, I realize, however I know that it is a mysterious, stretchable fabric made with resin. It resists water and cleans quickly so it will make the most glorious shoes!


BONIFAY:           Once again, Milady, if you’ll pardon the question.  Do you truly think it is worth your subject’s time to invent this new substance when it’s only purpose would be to make brightly colored foot wear?


AQUALINE:      I know it sounds a little silly.


BONIFAY:           You know the Lady Saraphina will be standing by to make fun.  This is just the kind of idea that she will scoff.


AQUALINE:      Such as she did with my warm jumper idea.

(Aqualine rummages and picks up a crude but recognizable adaptation of a Snuggly)


BONIFAY:           Exactly. When you first insisted upon calling it a Snuggly….and the early woolen weavings proved itchy, not snuggly at all.


AQUALINE:      Yes, coming up with just the right fabric blend proved more difficult. But now they are quite popular for sitting before the fire.


BONIFAY:           I only wish to protect you from ridicule, my princess.  Lady Saraphina is popular within the realm with those who wish only to parade their clothes and go to balls.  Remember the mean words when you suggested your top of the lap desk?